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Paul HigginsPaul Higgins is on his own journey of Build, Live and Give.

See Paul left his job as a Director of Coca-Cola due to two key reasons;

1) An inherited health condition

2) A passion to pursue something less stressful — running his own business.

You can guess what happened next!

For five years, Paul slaved away, working 60+ hours a week. The 4 businesses he built, which helped owners be productive were the big hit with clients. But every dollar he made went back in. So not only did he have no time to spend with his family, he had no money to show for his efforts. He was not living the life he intended and had no time to give back to cause close to him – Polycystic Kidney Disease. (PKD)

Desperate, he gave up trying to do everything himself and reached out for help through the mastermind group. That’s when this breakthrough happened.

He implemented the 5 key profit drivers and doubled his revenue within 6 months. Even better, he built systems so his businesses ran without him whilst traveling with his family overseas for 2 wonderful months – he started to live the life he dreamt of.

He has also launched a Podcast to help ex-corporate/career people to BUILD their own business,  LIVE a life they love and GIVE back to their community.

You don’t need to waste 5 years working your fingers to the bone and doing everything yourself like Paul did.

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