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If you left the safety of employment and are struggling - it is OK.

You might be experiencing what is common for many former employees turned business owner

  • A loss of confidence. Hugely successful in corporate but too proud to ask for help in your own gig - we can help
  • Overwhelmed by content. Sick of content which is just a front for a slippy sales funnel - we can help
  • Not charging enough. Giving away your unique ability for far less than it is worth - we can help
  • Lonely working by yourself. If you miss the interaction with like-minded smart people who challenge your thinking - we can help
  • Wearing too many hats. Trying to be all things to all people because you are tight on cash - we can help
  • Feeling guilty for your lack of success. When friends or family ask you how it is all going and you want to tell them the truth but you say all is good - we can help
  • Avoiding sales conversations. Selling yourself is very difficult and you fill your day with less important tasks to be busy  - we can help

Many of us struggled for many years - personally, it was 5 for me!

Who do we help?

A coach or consultant who is 12 months+ in and under delivering on their financials.  They are smart, self-motivated, values-driven and open to honest feedback from others. They believe in giving back.  Creating the next startup unicorn is not what is keeping them up at night.

A lack of support to grow is keeping them up.

They love the freedom to work from anywhere to support their family, but don’t want the constant worry of sacrificing lifestyle.

How we can help

Depending on where you are at in your corporate escape journey, we can help

0 – 24 months in

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