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Founded by Paul Higgins

After 18 years as a corporate exec with Coca-Cola, Paul was burnt out at work, his health was suffering from the stress, and he wanted to spend more time with his family. When he finally said, "Enough is enough," starting his own business and being his own boss seemed like the logical next step. Paul’s time at Coke had him in a business consulting role where he essentially ran small startups within the ecosystem of the larger Coca-Cola business, so his passion and wealth of knowledge for coaching entrepreneurs had already been planted.

Setting out on his own, Paul was met with many of the challenges that self-funded startups face—issues with cash flow, using up savings, sourcing reliable suppliers, and resisting the urge to return to the guaranteed salary of a corporate job. He found that the entrepreneur life was not actually getting him any closer to his goals of having less stress and more freedom. Paul was determined to make it work and not return to the corporate grind, which led him to seek out as much knowledge as possible. He joined a mastermind group, began listening to podcasts daily, and reading business-focused blogs. Nothing ever quite matched his values or his situation as a corporate escapee turned independent entrepreneur. However, the knowledge and resources he gathered inspired him to create a replicable system that created rapid growth in his businesses.

Paul's passion for coaching others resurfaced as he realised how many people he could help by sharing his methodology. That's when Build Live Give was born. Paul has since brought mums and dads home to see their child’s first steps, helped explorers follow their dreams and travel the world, and aided in the growth of sustainable income for hundreds of independent entrepreneurs.

Through the Build Live Give platform, Paul has helped countless people to build their dream business, live a great life and give back.

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