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What are people saying about BLG Boost?

“My favourite part of BLG Boost is I don’t have to waste time researching suppliers, I simply ask Paul for a supplier referral and he gives me a few options to pick from. I had previously wasted so much time picking a Virtual Assistant and it went pear shaped. Paul was able to recommend a supplier and it worked like a dream. It is one less thing I need to worry about.”

Nick Baldo Entrepreneur and Founder of NY Home Solutions, Oakvale Homes & Development and Income Digs.  

"Life was tough when I first quit my corporate gig and followed my dream to become a digital nomad. When I came across new challenges, I asked Paul a question and he connected me to the right person. This helped me kick my addiction to social media and allowed me to focus on my clients. 

Anfernee Chansamooth Owner and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing.

Paul Higgins has 25 Years of delivering rapid growth in business. 

Paul’s passion to help corporate escapees to run their dream business is infectious.  

BLG Boost is not about drowning you in content you don’t need. You get to ask questions when you most need help and the solutions are given to you. This saves you time and money. We are here to get a result - to achieve $20K in monthly revenue, so you can stop eating into your savings and start to enjoy running your own dream business.  

Isn’t that the reason you left corporate in the first place!  

Paul knows what it is like to struggle after leaving corporate. Back in 2011, Paul left the safety of his career at Coca-Cola to run his own business. Even though Paul loved his new found freedom, he was eating into his own savings and his wife suggested he went back to corporate.  

He persisted and finally cracked the code. But it was hard and taxing on his relationship and this inspired him to create a better way for others.  

You don’t have to do it the hard way like Paul, you can learn from him and others at BLG Boost to save you time, money and many uncomfortable conversations.  

If you want to achieve $20K in monthly revenue within 6 months surrounded by suppliers who will deliver for you, then BLG Boost is right for you.  

You can be like Nick and Anf and work smarter and not harder.  

Join Paul and the other Boosters to build your dream business and live a life you love.  

If you would like to find out more about BLG Boost before you join, please watch our 'Free On Demand training' to learn more. There is a special offer included which is too good to miss out on.