Looking to get more leads to take your own business to the next level? 

BLG Boost provides direct coaching, access to experts and a proven formula to win in Linkedin.


Running your own business can be totally exhausting. 

You left the safety of working for someone else to gain freedom. Freedom to spend more time with people you love, more time doing what you love (travel maybe) and more time helping clients get results - which they love. 

With this new found freedom, there normally comes some uncertainty:

Which advice is best for me? 

When do I hire people to remove all the hats I am wearing? 

I know I am reinventing the wheel here but how do I find someone to help me?

How can I bounce ideas off like-minded people, whilst working from home/anywhere?  

How do I know what webinars to attend, what books to read or podcasts I should listen to?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If it does, it’s OK.  

Moving from a paid job into your own business is hard. It dawns on you that success is reliant upon you. It is a challenge, not one to be taken lightly. Some people come to the realisation it is not for them - that is OK. Others try to figure it all out all by yourself - that is OK. 

But there is an easy path and we are here to help you.  

The analogy I like to use is a highway. You get to your destination quicker if you stay on it. What becomes very enticing is all the promises of a short cut, which at the time looks great, but it is not until you go down a side road you realise it is either a dead end, taking you back to where you have come from, or in some cases, taking you further from your end goal.  

I know - I did it for the first five years of my soloprenuer journey. I help you avoid the turns I took.  

What happens when you join? 

Step 01

You will be taken to a payment page to finalise your investment

Step 02

You will get access to our exclusive member platform

Step 03

You are drip feed the onboarding so you are not overwhelmed. We get you to have a business to run. You also will have a welcome call with Paul Higgins to get immediate impact on your key focus. 

Step 04

Start asking questions in the direct coaching platform and get immediate responses. 

Step 05

Read our weekly email update with killer tips and actionable resources. 

"There is nothing else in the world dedicated to solopreneurs like this". Scott Gellatly | Co-Founder Scale My Empire  

What are you waiting for?

Why BLG Boost Will Work For You 

Direct coaching  

You get direct access to Paul Higgins our Founder to solve your most pressing challenges. Paul has a resource base like no other in the world. You can send a direct message about a block you have and Paul will respond with an answer that will remove the block immediately.  

Paul could tell you which courses to do, videos to watch, content to listen/read, webinars and events to attend or paid mentors to speak too. Basically, hat he has done for the last 8 years to get to here.  

Or you could simply ask Paul with all that knowledge to saves you time and money. Or as he says ‘Stay on the highway!!’  


You get access to 400+ trusted experts to help you grow your business. All the tasks you don’t know how to do or don’t want to do can be done by someone you trust. Trust them to do a great job and trust them to charge you fairly.  

We have over 100 categories and all have been tested, rated and regularly reviewed. No more searching online, getting 20 replies in facebook groups and not knowing how to pick the right one or doing something you should not be doing.  

Leads through LinkedIn  

If you are in the B2B space, Linkedin is where it is all happening. In saying this, there are many so-called ‘experts’ who are playing the numbers game with your money. They expect you to send scripts which you would not accept yourself. I see personal brands diminished unintentionally through this.  

We teach you a relationship based approach which makes you enjoy it and most importantly your prospective clients.  

We also increase your post views 10x which means more like and comments, to turn into leads.  

We also help you find your ideal clients on sales navigator.  

I have seen members pay $3-5K for Linkedin training which gets very few leads from their ideal clients.  

You get this as part of the monthly membership:  

"My post yesterday, really seemed to take off. FYI: 24 hours later, 6000+ views, 133 likes and 41 comments. This would be my 'winner' so far in terms of engagement and then the number of responses and connection requests, direct messages after it. When I look back and see some of my posts from earlier in the year that had maybe 200 views, this is a compelling shift. "

- Lynne Cazaly Founder of Cazaly Communications  


If you're committed to listening to advice and implementing the actions fast, you will be giving yourself every chance to double your business to fund your lifestyle and give back.  


Success Stories

"Thanks to Paul Higgins, I am so grateful for all the amazing work you're doing here, and what opportunity you gave me to be part of it. It has made a massive difference for me."

Any Willis | CEO of Work From Anywhere

I have definitely been getting my money’s worth. Excellent advice on how to work through a sale to large companies, and general sales process advice. thanks a bunch, Paul Higgins. Highly recommend throwing your hardest problem at Paul and seeing what he comes back with.  

Sholto Macpherson | Cloud Accounting Digital Expert for Digital First

Paul has been a mentor to me through his BLG Boost program for a number of years now. During that time Bean Ninjashas doubled in revenue, raised capital and I've also brought on a business partner. The support and advice from Paul around these big decisions have been invaluable.

Meryl Johnston | Founder of Bean Ninjas 

Paul helps solopreneurs organise and systemise our businesses. I've known Paul for 12 months and the number of tips and help he has provided in that time is extraordinarily useful to me in running my business. Plus Paul's podcast is always interesting with a high calibre of interviewees. My observation is that Paul is a giver who genuinely wants to bring out the best of the people he works with. I highly recommend anyone in their own business get in touch with Paul to see how he can help and support you.

Maree Burgess | Founder of Maree Burgess 


Leverage Paul's 28 years of experience, a proven framework and like-minded peer group to Double your revenue to fund your Lifestyle and Give back.