How Simple Strategies Help With Small Business Marketing

How Simple Strategies Help With Small Business Marketing

Steve Hui recently shared with me on my podcast that his company’s marketing messages were too wordy.

If he didn’t change something soon, his company’s sales would plummet.

He realized that consumers don’t have the time to pay attention to a wordy message.

Put too many words in your message and you’re potentially losing customers as a consequence.

Steve’s (and every business owner’s) challenge: be concise.

First, he cut through the clutter and simplified the marketing message of several of his company’s products.

Next, he focused on repeatedly sharing the simplified message.

As Steve put it…

“even though it’s easy to assume everyone understands the message you’re selling, consumers are busy human beings and only devote a fraction of their time to understanding a product’s message”.

After making an adjustment, his sales increased and his company soared higher than expected.
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When you simplify, it’s easy to tell people how to market their small business or businesses correctly; focus on the simplicity and repetition of your message!

If you’re having trouble with your small business’s marketing efforts, the fix may be simple.

If your company’s sales aren’t where you want them to be, ask yourself this: is my marketing message too complex for people to get it?

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