Build Your Dream Business And
Create The Life You Love

With our heart-centred, high-level Mastermind club exclusively for corporate escapees
ranging from budding entrepreneur to seasoned start up.

I want a lifestyle business to create something meaningful. I don’t want to be eternally stuck doing things I don’t enjoy to make money. That’s why I joined the Build Live Give Club. That, and I knew they were the right fit for me - all smart, have heart and are corporate escapees like me. At the same time, we’re a diverse group with different business acumen and skillsets, so we support each other in different ways.

Anfernee Chansamooth
Owner and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing

What if this doesn't work?

How many times has someone said that to you about your business? Or how many times have you said that to yourself? Probably every day, if not every week since you left corporate — if this describes you:

  • YOU work silly hours and feel like a slave to your business
  • YOU have a lot of great ideas, but there’s not enough time to execute them
  • YOU want a freedom business but can’t seem to make enough sales
  • YOU think, “I can’t afford to invest in my business” because of fear you might fail
  • YOU feel pressure to provide for your family or future family
  • YOU dream about travel, but can’t seem to remove yourself from your business
  • YOU say, “I know what I need to do, BUT…” – your excuses are what stopping you

What's worse...

You know that if you go on doubting yourself, surrounding yourself with people who doubt you, or continue doing what you’ve always done, you will never make a meaningful change – you’ll end up living a mediocre life.

And one day you’ll be on your deathbed, looking back thinking “I didn’t reach my potential, do work that matters, or see the world. I need more time.”

I Get it. Because I Was You.

A corporate escapee who wanted to make meaningful work, earn great money, and provide for my family.

But time is finite.

And once I left corporate, it took me six years of getting it wrong before I got it right.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

You can save time, save money and make meaningful work doing what you love, now.

Take it from someone who it took years, and finally a health scare to quit corporate and make work that matters. Life is too short to be locked down to a desk.

That’s why I help intelligent ex-corporates like you build a business where you can work anywhere in the world like me (if you want to).

Through my 18 years of experience as an executive for Coca Cola, learning from businesses that struggled, and joining a Mastermind in early 2016, I was able to build a business I love, live a freedom lifestyle and give back to a cause I care about.

Now, through my unique framework and power Mastermind club, I help driven entrepreneurs like you do the same.

This is just one example, but since joining the club my SAAS consulting business has gone from trickling in $100 a month to pouring in $6-7,000 USD a month.

Nick Baldo
Entrepreneur and Founder of NY Home Solutions, Oakvale Homes & Development and Income Digs

In the club, you'll...

  • Save precious energy and time researching resources, business operations, outsourcing, leads, finance and sales
  • Grow quickly surrounded by incredibly smart and ambitious, people you can relate to
  • Have a safety net – somewhere to turn to whenever you’ve got questions or concerns
  • Become an even bigger action taker and held accountable to your goals
  • Connect with resourceful people with specific skill sets
  • Work through fears together and see you’re all going through the same thing
  • Fast-track your business growth and pick up clients through referrals from the club
My favourite part of the club is being surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated and technologically savvy people. Extremely intelligent, well thought out people with more experience that are honestly smarter than me, with the same ex corporate background.

Nick Baldo
Entrepreneur and Founder of NY Home Solutions, Oakvale Homes & Development and Income Digs

This is not a cookie cutter approach.

We use a proven framework, but we consider your unique business, circumstances and dream when devising your personal success strategy. Plus, you’ll learn to use my unique framework to diagnose your business bottlenecks and get it back on track.

Our framework consists of 5 Key Drivers:

  1. Personal Productivity: How to save two hours everyday without changing your workload
  2. Ideal Client: How to systemise information to focus on people you want to work with
  3. Working Business Model: How to double profit sustainably
  4. Sales Focus: How to turbo charge sales and create predictable revenue using a number of different processes.
  5. High Performing Team: How to spend more time doing work you love and delegate the rest.


Paul did a powerful session with me to get clear on my numbers. Together we created a plan to tweak the business - change pricing, clarify my target audience, and work out key referral partners. One was actually a member of the group! Together we formulated a strategy to create a new virtual CMO service and grow my business to six figures within a year. Now I’ve got my first client taking up that service worth over $30,000K!

Anfernee Chansamooth
Owner and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing

Luckily, I’ve saved you a spot

Here’s how it works:

You apply here for an interview. If you’re a great fit, I will recommend you to the current members to take to a vote.

If accepted you are sent a business diagnostic to prepare you for a 1:1 session with me, Paul Higgins, to formulate your personal success strategy.

Goals are set in 6-month targets, and in accordance with the 5 key drivers to reach your financial goals.

Then you’ll join our weekly calls (only 1 hour of your time) to listen to and ask business related questions. Even when you don’t have questions you’ll learn an enormous amount.

Every 12 weeks we’ll have a 1:1 review and you’ll have unlimited access to our knowledge base, suppliers, network AND can book a call with me at any time.


Full Disclosure

The Build Live Give Club only works for massive action takers. People who have big dreams but just want to talk about stuff all day don’t get good results.

But for the rare 1% types like me, it’s life changing.

I don’t use the words ‘life changing’ lightly or to falsely wow you. But frankly, that’s what this club is. For the 20 ex-corporates turned entrepreneurs who’ve done it, it’s turned their self doubt to self belief. They’ve gone from ‘fear of uncertainty’ to ‘au fait of the unknown’. And from sales evasion to a marketing maven.

Before BLG we wondered whether our business could improve, or if it even had a future. We feared we’d fail, and that's where Paul came in. Since joining, we've changed so much - had a massive restructuring and become way more productive such as getting a VA and doing high-value work that’s growing the business.

Andrew Terlich
Owner and Founder of At One Foods

I'm sure you have your hesitations

After all, it is an investment — and it’s something you should be sure about. So let me address some of those questions right now:

Will I be committed to a recurring monthly fee that I can’t afford?

No, it’s a 6-month commitment you can budget for. There is no lock-in recurring contract, and if there’s a life changing circumstance outside of your control, we will discuss cancellation or repayment.

Will The BLG Club work for me?

Yes, if you’re an action taker and committed to what you want, we will show you the way. The BLG Club works for three main reasons:

  1. Our Proven Framework: which you will learn once you join the club. You’ll also get a financial deep dive with Paul – a clear plan for you to achieve your financial return.
  2. Accountability: We set clear, achievable targets and have weekly checked in’s to help you keep on track.
  3. People: We all are connected, heart-centered, all have the same family values. This, plus the calibre and diversity of the group means we lift each other, which makes for quick learning cycles so you don’t get stuck.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, there are two payment options:

  1. Pay up front for a reduced rate OR
  2. Pay 6 monthly instalments

Why is it so expensive?

With years of accumulated knowledge, access to entrepreneurs all over the world and their skills sets, you’ll fast track your business – saving time and money. It’s an investment because you can quickly make your money back, and more. This is worthwhile not just monetarily, but personally as well. Not to mention we are more affordable than comparable groups, and we continuously upgrade our information and processes to offer more value.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

The only way it won’t work is if you’re ‘all talk’ and no action. If you know this to be true of you please don’t apply.

But if you know you don’t want to be tied down to a desk, and that you’re committed to building a you love — this will work for you.

Clubs can be hit and miss, and I’ve been part of other groups that weren't worth it. It's about finding the right one for you, and I wanted to make sure that if I invested there would be the right quality people that I want to connect with. BLG is that for me.

Anfernee Chansamooth
Owner and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing


$899 USD