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Why should you have to choose between having a business and having a life?

Build Live Give helps you to double your business in a way that means you can still have a life.

We help in four ways...

1 Listen to inspiring stories and practical advice

Podcast - Helping Coaches and Consultants to Build Businesses and Lifestyles

Running a service-based business virtually can be lonely. I get it. 

You think your challenges are unique at first but realise others experience the same.

I am a podcast junky, and I couldn’t find a show which helped -  so I created one. 

I interview coaches and consultants to shine the light on their inspiring journey - the heartbreaks and triumphs. 

In addition, I interview experts and release solo episodes to give you practical advice on how to grow.

2 Read the 5 Growth drivers to building business and lifestyles


When I was going through my transplant there were so many people who gave unconditionally -  most notably my best mate and donor Brendan. I can’t thank him enough.

This inspired me to give to others.

So against all my family and medical teams wishes, I wrote a book.

Build Live Give covers my journey from leaving Coca-Cola to take control of my health and the roller coaster ride of starting and selling two lifestyle businesses.

From my experience, I give you the 5 Growth drivers to run a high 6 figure business whilst living your life. 

3 Be seen as an Authority

Referrals once filled your pipeline and marketing yourself was less critical.

Now more than ever you need to be seen as an authority and help people right now with valuable content.

You will be remembered on the other side of these unprecedented times.

We have cracked the code on leveraging the 660m+ users on Linkedin and give you all our secrets in this FREE pre-recorded masterclass.

4 Build online revenue streams

You have been hit by the pandemic and lost revenue - particularly face to face.

It is time to build online streams fast.

I have mentored 147 coaches and consultants to adapt and I would like to help you.

Take our $20K a month quiz and find the gaps that corporate didn't teach you!

You have worked hard to establish your own services business - congrats. The only downside is to make more revenue you need to work more hours. This was not your plan when you left your job.

We’ll help you to build new revenue streams leveraging your IP gained from services. The new model typically takes the form of memberships, group coaching and online courses.

As you go through this transition, you face some common uncertainties shown below.

We want to add value to you right now. By clicking on the question, you will be redirected to a question asking you your current revenue break.

Based on your answer, we will give you a resource which has worked to help solopreneurs when facing uncertainty in this area.

There is also the opportunity to have a quick chat to see if I can help.

If you would like to know more about our services first, go to SERVICES on the main menu bar above.

5 Rapid Growth Drivers helping solopreneurs to build a bulletproof business to fund their lifestyle and give back.

In this book, Paul shares his struggles and challenges. But it is not just Paul’s journey, it is the journey of hundreds of other solopreneurs who Paul has had the pleasure of working with.  

This collective experience forms the foundation to the Five Rapid Growth Drivers – a roadmap which delivers time and time again.  

This book explains how Paul and others did it, and how you can too.

The Build Live Give Podcast

Listen to inspiring solopreneur stories with invaluable lessons shared to help you to Double your own business to Fund your Lifestyle and Give back.   


I am a "solopreneur " and love Paul's podcast! I wish I had found it sooner! I left my job 8 years ago and had to totally figure things out on my own. Wish I could have learned from Paul and his guests when I first started, however, my business continues to grow and I'm finding their wisdom extremely useful as I now scale my business. Keep up the great work Paul!
- Meg Huwar, Principal at Brand Accelerator.


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What other coaches and consultants say about Build Live Give

I was lonely and struggling to do it myself before I joined BLG. BLG gave me the right experts at the right stages of growth. The freedom of working from home whilst doing what I love is something I will be grateful for.

Scott Gellatly
Co-Founder at Scale My Empire

Having someone to bounce ideas off, seek recommendations from and have accountability with is essential to small business success. For me, one of the key people in my support and mentoring team who does just that is Paul Higgins. Paul's guidance, advice and support is invaluable and his knowledge, extensive. Paul is responsive and always keen to help you achieve your best in business. I highly recommend making him part of your team to help you achieve next level success.

Leah Mether
Founder of Leah Mether

Paul has a tremendous amount of knowledge of what works and doesn't when engaging in LinkedIn

Glenn Tranter
Glenn Tranter Consulting Pty Ltd

Paul Higgins is unique among the plethora of business coaches because he brings three things that you never find together. Raw data and results from marketing experiments that Paul tests in the process of growing his own business; tips on discipline and self-control for avoiding shiny balls, because he has had to fight those temptations too; and process excellence and execution thanks to decades in corporate. He's a small business owner with a big business mindset. I get a barrage of invitations to webinars of all kinds. Paul's monthly training is the only one I can't afford to miss.

Sholto Macpherson
Cloud Accounting Digital Expert for Digital First

Working with Paul has taken a lot of the mystery out of LinkedIn. I received more engagement in a few weeks of following his approach than I have in several years of doing my own thing..

Brian Donovan
Founder of Donovan Leadership

So my posts would *sometimes* get as many as 300 views with maybe 10 likes a one or two comments (usually none). My pod posts are getting between 1900 and 3500 views, in the ’20s for likes and in the teens for comments.I am also getting requests to connect from my target market. Overall an upward trend in the activity.

Donna McGeorge

Paul has been a mentor to me through his BLG mastermind program for a number of years now. During that time Bean Ninjashas doubled in revenue, raised capital and I've also brought on a business partner. The support and advice from Paul around these big decisions has been invaluable.

Meryl Johnston
Founder and Ceo of Bean Ninjas

My data so far: 30% increase in profile views since last week, 2 new followers (who became connections after I reached out), 20 people approached as a result of them liking my posts or commenting. 1 sale call booked for today. This is an amazing system and I'm learning a great deal and getting leads.

Maree Macpherson
Founder of Maree McPherson Consulting

This has been a game-changer for me in term of LinkedIn visibility. Thanks Paul Higgins!

Sara Garcia

Be seen as an Authority

Build your authority on LinkedIn with like-minded peers.

Create additional online revenue streams

Business is better when you have multiple sources of revenue which don’t compete with your lifestyle

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