BLG47 – How to successfully launch your business book to take ownership of your space

BLG47 – How to successfully launch your business book to take ownership of your space





Our guest today is Kath Walters from Kath started as a visual artist and then went into journalism. She was lucky to work on the BRW top 200 list and interviewed some of the most successful names in business emanating from Australia.

She loved her job and the people she interviewed, but she could see the writing on the wall (bad pun) and left to create a new future for herself.

She started writing blogs and then pivoted into helping people to launch business books.

She talks about the help she received through her journey and mentions the next brave step for her, which will help change the way business books are crafted within Australia.

What you will learn in the podcast:
  • What traits the Rich 200 list have which makes them so successful
  • The help you need to scale your own business
  • Easy ways you can get your business book self published
  • How to improve your marketing funnel
  • Why partnerships are important to delivering value to your clients
  • Working in blocks of time and the importance of pausing
  • Working to 90 day cycles
  • Celebrating success and recharging
  • The launch of Independent Authors Australia


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