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How To Move Beyond The Two Biggest Mindset Blocks In Your Business with Kara Lambert – Ep130

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Kara Lambert worked in the government for 12 years until she realised she could not break through the ‘boys club’.  She started her own business and it was harder and... Read more

How To Get More Leads To Your Service Based Business with Sonya Keenan – Ep129

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Sonya grew up watching her father struggle as an entrepreneur. This led her to going into corporate where she was an early adapter of digital.  In 2010 she got caught... Read more

How To Build A Public Profile As An Introvert with Josh Schachnow – Ep128

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   As part of completing law in Canada, you have to work 10 months in a Law Firm. This was the best thing Josh ever did because he came to the... Read more

The One Mistake All Consulting Businesses Need To Avoid with Evan Leybourn – Ep127

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Evan worked in private and government on and off in his career. He worked for brands like IBM and BHP. At one point he had a 15 person consulting business... Read more

How To Find A Career You Love with Lindsay Gordon – Ep126

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Lindsay Gordon started work in Australia, moved to San Francisco and ended up working at Google doing customer support. She enjoyed it but saw a gap in recruitment and development... Read more