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Why You Should Not Wait Until Retirement To Do What You Love with Nicole Jones – Ep151

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Nicole had a stellar career in Investor relations ending in biotech. A trial did not go to plan and she was let go.  Normally risk-averse, Nicole decided to bring forward... Read more

How To Pay Yourself First – Ep150

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  How to pay yourself first 4 elements of the right business model   Link BLG | Lifestyle Non-negotiable template   Connect With Paul and Build... Read more

How To Avoid The B.S In Digital Marketing with Tommy Griffith – Ep149

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   In 2008 Tommy started playing around with google search and launched how to build your own fraternity. This lead into his own business which did not go to plan All his experience... Read more

How To Define Your Ideal Client – Ep148

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefits of listening  Why it is so important A template to use to define it How to rate your ideal client How to apply it to gain more... Read more

How To Sell For Non Sales People with Rana Kordahi – Ep147

     DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Rana comes from a strong corporate Learning and Development (L&D) background and then ventured out into her own business. She is self-taught at sales and now helps non sales people... Read more