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The Corporate Escapees podcast is a free resource, hosted by Paul Higgins, which explores entrepreneur's stories, provides actionable tips, and gives access to experts who are solving the key challenges faced when taking the leap out of the corporate world.


How To Remove The Limiting Beliefs Of The Money Mindset with Bri Seeley – Ep113

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Bri Seeley studied fashion in Italy and dressed the likes of Toni Braxton, in her own label. Life was great - all so it seemed. Bri had the limiting belief... Read more

Why Job Interviewing In A Full Racing Outfit Is The Best Way To Get Culture Fit with Jason Swenk – Ep112

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Jason Swenk spent 6 months working for Arthur Anderson and realised 1) He was unemployable and 2) There was a gold rush on (internet) and he had great skills to... Read more

How Done Is Better Than Perfect with Denise Ann Galloni – Ep111

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Denise Ann Galloni was voted the shyest student in her senior year and then she realised it was not a strength which would service her well. She worked her way... Read more

The Killer Tip Which Will Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement with Louise Brogan – Ep110

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Louise Brogan was a traveller and on a chance encounter, she met someone in IT and decided that was going to be the career path for her. After working for... Read more

How To Create Freedom In Your Life with Jessica Silverman – Ep109

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Jessica Silverman had a very successful career in finance whilst living with crippling anxiety and stress. She was physically, mentally and spiritually spent. She left Chicago and moved to California... Read more