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How To Architect Your Transition To A Life You Love with Amelia Lee – Ep10

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Our guest today Amelia Lee is the founder of Undercover Architect and she has scaled the heights of global architecture, build a private firm with fellow colleagues and did a... Read more

How To Create Meaningful Jobs with Joeri Timp – Ep09

     DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Our guest today Joeri Timp from Eastvantage is an ex-lawyer who moved to the land of opportunity- Philippines - and within 5 years has taken their business to 500... Read more

How To Take Control Of Your Life with Matt Hanham – Ep08

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Our guest today, Matt Hanham from Visible left corporate due to health issues and he hasn't looked back since.  He shares his journey with BLG listeners today. Matt worked with... Read more

How To Delegate Effectively And Free Up Your Time with Barbara Turley – Ep07

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Our guest today Barbara Turley from The Virtual Hub is an inspiration to Build Live Give listeners. She has worked herself to the bone in corporate, felt the personal impacts... Read more

How to Build Live Give with Scott Gellatly – Ep06

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Our guest today, Scott Gellatly is passionate about helping people set up the right platforms to be successful when they leave corporate. Scott was a corporate escapee and had mentors... Read more