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Why Self Development Is Essential Before Leading Your Own Team with Justin Bourn – Ep33

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Justin Bourn decided early what industry he wanted to work in and decided to skip university to get a practical head start. He worked for some medium to large engineering... Read more

How To Leave The Comfort Of Corporate Legal To Run A Global Events Company Whose Motto Is ‘Being Together Matters’ – Ep32

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Our guest today is Scott Ihrig from IM creative and he started his journey in corporate as a lawyer and after two years he realised he could not do it for the rest... Read more

How To Survive Professional Burn Out To Pioneer A National Mediation Business with Alison Shaw – Ep31

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Alison Shaw - Founder of Shaw Mediation Australia always wanted to be a teacher or lawyer and took the path of the later. She won a prestigious competition which saw her... Read more

How To Successfully Exit A Business And Build A Community You Care About with Tim Farr – Ep30

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Tim Farr from Entrepreneur accelerator started his career in private wealth for one of the big four banks. He knew it was not the right place for him as he... Read more

How To Productise A Service Business with Meryl Johnston – Ep29

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Meryl Johnston from Bean Ninjas has many hidden talents including professionally playing tennis. She had a career in Management Accounting but could not get this to work and she was backed... Read more