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The Corporate Escapees podcast is a free resource, hosted by Paul Higgins, which explores entrepreneur's stories, provides actionable tips, and gives access to experts who are solving the key challenges faced when taking the leap out of the corporate world.


How To Find Your Passion In Life with Elies Hadi – Ep103

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Elies┬áHadi achieved amazing results at University and then had a stellar career in some of the best financial institutions in the world. But from the first day in corporate, she... Read more

Why A Supportive Community Is So Important For Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Steve Glaveski – Ep102

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Steve Glaveski worked for some of the biggest companies in Australia after hustling hard from a working-class suburb in Melbourne. He was inspired by a family tragedy to create something... Read more

How Fintech Is Going To Positively Help You In Running Your Small Business with Alexander Lowry – Ep101

  ´╗┐   DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Alexander has an amazing academic pedigree. He did all the hards yards to make it to wall street and then his wife Rebecca reminded him that 100 hours a... Read more

How To Find Your Information When You Need It with Bill Gluth – Ep100

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Bill Gluth is a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner. He uses his experience and passion for business growth showing companies how to organize ideas, improve workflows and increase productivity as... Read more

Speaking Your Mind As You Run Your Own Business with Naresh Vissa – Ep99

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Naresh Vissa was highly educated and started working in Wall Street for one of the largest financial institutions on the planet. He quickly realised corporate life was not for him... Read more