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How To Improve Sales Followup – Ep179

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  What is missing with sales followup How I have improved my response rate Some tech to make it easy for you   Links Ideal client... Read more

How To Bank Income, Not Revenue with Nelson Toriano – Ep178

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Nelson worked in tech for 10 years in Silicon Valley. He looked ahead and wasn't keen to spend the next 30 years in a cubicle so he decided to leave. It... Read more

Taking Care Of You First – Ep177

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  Why I am dedicating this show to Richo Three steps to take care of you   Links Ideal client template BLG Collective Blgdownload.com Contigo  ... Read more

All Things Sleep with Mollie McGlocklin – Ep176

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Mollie spent most of her early career understanding how to better communicate with people. She ran non-verbal events and was so obsessed with helping others she forgot to take care of... Read more

One Simple Action Makes All The Difference – Ep175

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  Look at what you can simplify - cure not bandaid Get experts to help you Stop chasing tactics   Links BLG Collective Blgdownload.com   Connect... Read more