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Building a High Performing Team – Ep155

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  Learn the five elements to building a high performing team. Culture and engagement Team development Team systems Project Management Automations   Connect With Paul and... Read more

How To Match Your Career To Your Purpose with Michelle Rademacher – Ep154

     DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Michelle spent 6 years studying architecture and 12 years working in the industry until she made a career change into recruitment which leads her to where she is today as... Read more

Sales focus – Ep153

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  Importance of a killer marketing asset Three traffic drivers to get leads Three habits to convert leads   Links Pete Williams Allan Dib The 1-Page... Read more

How To Tell Time Where To Go And Not Where It Went with Mark Struczewski – Ep152

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Want to better use your time? Mark was let go in 2005 and thought he would start his own photography business. He went to learn how to speak more, they said... Read more

Why You Should Not Wait Until Retirement To Do What You Love with Nicole Jones – Ep151

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Nicole had a stellar career in Investor relations ending in biotech. A trial did not go to plan and she was let go.  Normally risk-averse, Nicole decided to bring forward... Read more