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The Corporate Escapees podcast is a free resource, hosted by Paul Higgins, which explores entrepreneur's stories, provides actionable tips, and gives access to experts who are solving the key challenges faced when taking the leap out of the corporate world.




Escaping Corporate To Create A Global First Co-working And Co-warehousing Business with Harry Kempler – Ep87

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Harry Kempler started his entrepreneurial journey in Indonesia with a friend where he learnt some valuable lessons. His high self-awareness led him to get a corporate role working in Merger... Read more

How To Pick The Right Coach To Help You Scale Your Business with CJ McClanahan – Ep86

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   CJ McClanahan started his career at Arthur Anderson and a parent took a chance with him and he went into small business. This lead to some successful career changes but... Read more

How To Get More Qualified Leads Through PR with Jules Brooke – Ep85

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   For the last fifteen years, Jules Brooke has been teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their sales and get the phone ringing by getting featured for free... Read more

How To Create Your Side Hustle To Kiss The Corporate Cubicle Goodbye For Good with Lydia Lee – Ep84

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Lydia had a breakdown after working too hard in her corporate role, a role she realised she didn’t care about and it was causing her more harm than good. After... Read more

How To Find The Best Freelancers In The World To Help You Scale with Nathan Hirsch – Ep83

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Unlike many of our podcasts guests, Nathan Hirsch did everything to avoid going into corporate after doing an internship at Firestone. He knows he was not cut out for it... Read more