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Likes To Leads – Ep165

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  Who to message What to say How to follow up   Who to message  When 1, 2 3 connection likes and comments on your post... Read more

How To Be Wealth Independent By Selling Raw Dirt with Mark Podolsky – Ep164

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Mark was an investment banker and didn't like it. Rachel, his wife was pregnant at that time and she wanted stability. He built up enough proof in his business model to... Read more

How To Nail Your Goals In 2020 – Ep163

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  Why Habits are so important What habits I do daily How to apply it to nail your goals   Habits Morning  Stretch Daily reflection (... Read more

Go Where You Are Treated Well with Andrew Henderson – Ep162

    DOWNLOAD AUDIO   Andrew has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. He had success with selling broadcasting assets and for the last 11 years has been a nomad, going where he is... Read more

How To Increase Sales Time – Ep161

      DOWNLOAD AUDIO   The key benefit of listening  The importance of sales time The 7 actions to get more of it   Why it is important Provides cash to fund your lifestyle... Read more