BLG40 – How to scale a mid sized company globally with Sean Cunial

BLG40 – How to scale a mid sized company globally with Sean Cunial





Sean Cunial from Saxa Advisory and Investments worked for 25 years for one of the most recognisable and successful brands in the world. 10 was working in the Australian business where we met and the other 15 in Asia where he lived in three countries – Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.

He left his role as Chief Operating Officer for Coca-Cola in Japan to relocate back to Australia for his family and also fulfill his desire to be an entrepreneur.

In the past 15 months, he has focused on building his knowledge and profile in the Non-Executive Director space and also advised and invested in several startups.

He talks openly about the challenges Australian businesses scale with scaling globally and how to overcome them.


What you will learn in the podcast:
  • How corporate life challenges your ability to deal with a health challenge
  • The key fears when leaving corporate to start your own business
  • How non corporate life can be more collaborative
  • What he learnt from working with one of the best brands in the world
  • What are the key challenges facing mid sized companies in Australia
  • How to handle not taking a commercial wage
  • How he is adapting his habits to work from home
  • A cause which is very close to him
  • Advise for people looking to leave


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