Double your business. Fund your lifestyle. Work together

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Looking for a proven pathway from a mentor who has helped 100's of Soloprenuers? Wanting to do as a collative? Join our mastermind where we get results while living life. 


Great at giving advice and not taking it?

You are smart, dedicated, passionate and results focused. You put the client at the centre of everything you do. These are great traits, however, ever played can become your Achilles heel  

You start to become overwhelmed with 'busyness' and all of a sudden you have your own business which is beginning to feel more like a job.  

You know what you have to do, but you also know self mentoring is not for the faint-hearted.  

Can you sustain it at this level, possibly?

 Would you like to reduce the uncertainty about:  

Where the next leads are coming from?

When you can take time off without feeling guilty?

When you can spend some time on the business?

When you can let go to someone you can trust?

When you can be confident to charge what you are worth? 

When you can earn new revenue streams less reliant upon you?


To paraphrase James Clear the author of Atomic Habits:

'It is all about the 4% '

The mastermind takes you out of your comfort zone by 4% and stretches you to make changes that will lead to the doubling of your business. You teach it to others, time to get some help for yourself.  

How does it work

01: Application

Fill out the application and book a call.

02: Research

My team will do desktop research, and we will combine this to your application to give you a rating on fit for our mastermind and our ability to achieve your goals

03: Call

We will have a call to see if I can help you. If not, I will intro you to someone who can. 

04: Onboarding

We like and not or here. We have a proven onboarding to get immediate results while having the flexibility to suit your style and stage of business. We do a gap analysis one on one covering Where you are against our best practice. 5 Rapid Growth Drivers Dive into your business financials Rolling profit forecasting The outcome is a clear 30-day plan and 90-day plan. Easy to follow and based on 80/20 

05: Calls

We have weekly calls on zoom. Wins, accountability, lessons and actions. Recorded and minutes with specific resources and actions post. All calls are recorded and transcribed

06: Quarterly Reviews

You reflect on your success and learning and plan the next 90-day plan. Form sent, and we have one on one

07: Resources

I have one of or if not the best collection of resources for Solopreneuers on the plant. It includes frameworks, models, checklists etc. Ask me, and I will have it. Hoarder of useful knowledge. I also have 380 experts you can tap into. 9K+ 1st connections in Linkedin that can open any door for you. 

Your Mentor

Paul Higgins is a Community Builder, Mentor, Podcaster and Tech Evangelist. He has over 26 years of rich business experience at Coca-Cola, his own startups and mentoring 100’s of Soloprenuers. He has achieved all of this whilst receiving a kidney transplant from his best mate in February 2019. Whilst not helping his community and health, Paul loves to spend time with his teenage children and play sport. Paul has an infectious personality and is always giving first.  

Ready to Double your Revenue to Fund your Lifestyle and Give Back? 

Leverage Paul's 28 years of experience, a proven framework and like-minded peer group to Double your revenue to fund your Lifestyle and Give back.  


Success Stories

Paul sorted out my processes and technology with the help of one of his experts. He then helps me create a Linkedin social selling group which increased my presence and leads. I now have the revenue I need to maintain my lifestyle, and without Paul, I would probably be back writing blogs for corporates.  

Kath Walter | Founder of Kath Walters 

I am great at advising others. I love consulting and helping people to see the low hanging fruit which delivers them more profit, which isn't always obvious. It makes my day. However, like a plumber with the leaky pipe, I realised I could not see the gaps in my own business. This is where the mastermind kicked in. I love the combination of specific mentoring by Paul and the experience shared by other members. I am focused, accountable and adding more value to clients and paying myself more at the same time. Life is good. 

Scott Gellatly | Co-Founder Scale My Empire  

Paul Higgins is unique among the plethora of business mentors because he brings three things that you never find together. Raw data and results from marketing experiments that Paul tests in the process of growing his own business; tips on discipline & self-control for avoiding shiny balls and process excellence and execution thanks to decades in corporate.

Sholto Macpherson | Cloud Accounting Digital Expert for Digital First

Having someone to bounce ideas off, seek recommendations from and have accountability with is essential to small business success. For me, one of the key people in my support and mentoring team who does just that is Paul Higgins. Paul's guidance, advice and support is invaluable and his knowledge, extensive. Paul is responsive and always keen to help you achieve your best in business. I highly recommend making him part of your team to help you achieve next level success  

Leah Mether | Founder of Leah Mether

Paul is an inspirational and collaborative leader and coach. I value Paul's input both personally and for my business. He always gives me honest feedback and looks for ways to add value to our business. One way Paul is different to other consultants is he quickly identifies where improvement is needed and is very specific about what needs to change on a micro level, including tools, techniques and/or suppliers to help. Then he doesn't let it go! 

Andrew Hahn | Founder of Marair 


Leverage Paul's 28 years of experience, a proven framework and like-minded peer group to Double your revenue to fund your Lifestyle and Give back.