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Why should you have to choose between having a
business and having a life?

Build Live Give is a global community of ambitious solopreneurs. We focus
on doubling our businesses and doing it in a way that means we can still have
a life.

We help solopreneurs in four ways...

More leads

Would it save you time (and sleepless nights) if you had an easy, reliable way to bring qualified prospects into your business? We show our members the secret to opening LinkedIn so it reveals an endless source of warm leads. They can crack LinkedIn open anytime they need qualified leads.

We've mastered the LinkedIn code and we'll share it with you.

More freedom

Growing a services business can look like waving goodbye to free time and family. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our group mentoring guides solopreneurs into unlocking more revenue streams. We unshackle them from swapping time for money. Following the systems we leverage, members can grow their businesses without giving up everything else.

Paul’s journey to freedom in business

Paul Higgins founded Build Live Give. Paul left a corporate career with Coca-Cola to found startups and coach solopreneurs. In Build Live Give, Paul shares the challenges he faced on the way, challenges that mirror the struggles of the 147 other solopreneurs he's coached to date. You’ll likely recognise yourself in these pages.

Along the way, Paul develops his Five Rapid Growth Drivers. He shares the drivers in this riveting book. Together, the five drivers are a roadmap to achieving business growth and still enjoying the freedom that attracted you to having your own business.


Working for ourselves, we all need a boost from time to time. Join Paul as he talks to inspiring solopreneurs who share generously how they've built thriving businesses. Get fresh ideas for your own business and join the community of business owners tuning in.

Take our $20K a month quiz and find the gaps that corporate didn't teach you!

You have worked hard to establish your own services business - congrats. The only downside is to make more revenue you need to work more hours. This was not your plan when you left your job.

We’ll help you to build new revenue streams leveraging your IP gained from services. The new model typically takes the form of memberships, group coaching and online courses.

As you go through this transition, you face some common uncertainties shown below.

We want to add value to you right now. By clicking on the question, you will be redirected to a question asking you your current revenue break.

Based on your answer, we will give you a resource which has worked to help solopreneurs when facing uncertainty in this area.

There is also the opportunity to have a quick chat to see if I can help.

If you would like to know more about our services first, go to SERVICES on the main menu bar above.

5 Rapid Growth Drivers helping solopreneurs to build a bulletproof business to fund their lifestyle and give back.

In this book, Paul shares his struggles and challenges. But it is not just Paul’s journey, it is the journey of hundreds of other solopreneurs who Paul has had the pleasure of working with.  

This collective experience forms the foundation to the Five Rapid Growth Drivers – a roadmap which delivers time and time again.  

This book explains how Paul and others did it, and how you can too.

The Build Live Give Podcast

Listen to inspiring solopreneur stories with invaluable lessons shared to help you to Double your own business to Fund your Lifestyle and Give back.   


I am a "solopreneur " and love Paul's podcast! I wish I had found it sooner! I left my job 8 years ago and had to totally figure things out on my own. Wish I could have learned from Paul and his guests when I first started, however, my business continues to grow and I'm finding their wisdom extremely useful as I now scale my business. Keep up the great work Paul!
- Meg Huwar, Principal at Brand Accelerator.


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The easy way to get leads from LinkedIn

Would business be easier with a continuous flow of qualified leads from LinkedIn?

Business is better together

Would you like to grow faster and still have a life? Business is better when you're not on your own.

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